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Stuff Crush; 11.9.12

our weekly roundup of desirable wares...

Stuff Crush; 11.9.12

Fashion, art, interiors, gadgets and so much more; Stuff Crush is our weekly address of objects we lust…

Beauty products, beautiful products, designer furniture, chickens and dissected childhood icons. All in a week’s work for our weekly spotlight on stuff we love…

Stuff Crush; 11.9.12


The Underwearables; Spa Soap Bars

They look good, smell good and feel good. Underwearables soap bars are not only formulated to stimulate the skin, but come in three captivating combinations, our favourite being the scrub bar made from Arabica coffee beans and sea sand. In keeping with the Danish brands ethos, their products are artisan productions made in small quantities – the soaps in particular – over in Zanzibar, with local organic ingredients.

The Underwearables


Kid Robot for Bigfoot One; Forest Warlord

Coming soon to Kid Robot in a explosion of bright colours, Bigfoot’s formidable Forest Warlord is not one to be messed with. Standing at 11-inches tall, the orange, green, yellow and purple vinyl figure looks menacingly fiery and as production is limited to only 50, if you want to own one of these, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on Kid Robot for this exclusive.

Kid Robot


Jason Freeney; Barbie© Anatomy Model

We featured American artist Jason Freeny back in January as he’d been dissecting a whole array of our favourite childhood toys, and now he’s at it again. The focus of his attention this time being the girl with eternal youth; Barbie. With her innards exposed, poor Ken’s going to be in for a surprise next time he sees her.

Jason Freeney

Stuff Crush; 11.9.12


ArteMare; Beach Racquets

Add some style and function to your travels with these delightful solid hardwood beach paddles. Comprising a mixture of American pine, walnut, teak, purple heart and African mahagony and with the handle beautifully bound with soft leather, they have been made with the look and feel of 1950s surfboards in mind. Have fun on the beach, and look good doing so…



Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody; Plucked chicken box

How about a ‘plucked chicken box’ to house you knick-knacks? This is most definitely an acquired taste, and not one for the vegetarians out there. Featuring a painted insignias saying “Neither here nor there” – quite apt really – has been used by some as a wall cabinet (yes really), key cupboard, or simply as a curious object. You’ve got to admit, they’re different…

Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody


Vamp Art; Vintage Cocktail Cabinets

Based in Bristol and London, the talented artists at Vamp Art transform beautifully crafted furnishings into innovative new original works of functional art. Inspired by Classic Renaissance to Post-Modern, Impressionist and even Street Art, one of our favourite pieces is the Primavera Vintage Cocktail Cabinet, based on an original 1930s Queen Anne style cocktail bar with mythical Greek goddesses – The Three Graces, or Charities – painted lovingly on doors, along with the pictured The Battle Of Florentine.

Vamp Art

Stuff Crush; 11.9.12


Nicole Porter; Hardwood Bowls

Nicole Porter, is a designer and writer living in New York, and we simply adore her uncomplicated yet eye-catching hand-painted wooden bowls, plates, wooden spoons and accessories. Her inspiration – geometric shapes and the natural world – are clear to see in her work, as she fuses hard wood with paints for her fabulous collection of homewares.

Nicole Porter


A Bathing Ape x Marvel Comics; Spider Man Capsule Collection

Our favourite Japanese street brand, A Bathing Ape, meets our favourite webbed-superhero, Spider-Man, for their AW12 collaboration with Marvel Comics. Following on from the popular spring/summer collection, t-shirts, caps, hoodies and sneakers will feature the exclusive Spider-Ape Head sleeve tag along with the classic red and blue colours in a tie-dye effect. A second design for the set sports a web and camouflage theme.

A Bathing Ape


Dizajno; Cirrus Collection

Designer Lubo Majer’s, Cirrus collection – sofas, chairs and tables – for Slovakian brand Dizajno, has been inspired by clouds; big, white, fluffy clouds. The spontaneous composition and curved shapes of this contemporary piece of furniture makes for a relaxing object on which to lounge, and the use of a sinuous spring system (no idea) and high quality foam, means that lounge you may, for many a year…